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Thank you for making it to our brand new website! Kung'ara Kenya launched in January of 2012 and has grown into a mutli-faceted fashion house that has styled just about everyone in Nairobi for just about every kind of event. Over the years the brand has grown to include a diverse range of jewellery and accessories made in Africa, showcasing the stunning work of brands such as Ziko Afrika, Alleon Kenya, Kwesh, Kipato Unbranded and more. Perhaps the most exciting development is the Kung'ara 'brand', working in collaboration with Kenyan creators to make beautiful clothes and jewellery that is distinctly our own.  


Kung'ara Kenya is also invested in investigating lifestyle trends and habits, assessing cultural and social phenomena that affect the fashion and textiles industries in Africa. This blog is an opportunity for us to not only give you insight into our daily operations, but also to present our observations and advice about the Kenyan fashion industry through our years of experience. We want to prompt discussions and provide a much needed platform for individuals to share their creativity, their story and their opinions about the contemporary African market. It is also important to give a voice to the designers who contribute their beautiful craft to our store, learning from their creative process and fortitude in this tough and new industry in Kenya.


Kungarastore.com will help facilitate the evolution of Kung'ara, opening up the discussion of fashion, business and textiles to you the reader. From the tailor to the blogger, the buyer to the seller; we are all a part of this community of people contributing to the industry, and who have the power to shape it. In our youth as a nation we have the wonderful and intimidating responsibility to shape the discourse and share to the public what we have learned individually. If there is anything you would like us to investigate, or anything you desire to know more about or contribute to, then feel free to email us on info@kungarastore.com

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