4 Things to Consider Before Attending A Pop-Up Event For Your Creative Business in Nairobi




The location is everything; this is true in real estate and retail. The location is the make or break factor, which determines how well sales go in a pop-up event. A space which allows for plenty of foot traffic is ideal, as it means there will be consistent attention at your booth. Areas with minimal sitting space subconsciously force the customer to walk around. In addition, does the location attract your targeted customer? Is it a convenient location? Choosing areas such as malls, caters to plenty of different age groups, whereas an area such as a club will be for the selected few. Does your merchandise attract or blend in with the surrounding? Ask or research if previous events, specifically pop-up events, at the location have been successful before deciding to set up shop.



What is their business ethic? Do they have good client service? Are they willing to adapt to ensure you are getting the best out of the event? Are they accommodating to last minute emergencies or concerns? As a pop-up event’s lifespan is short, you would like to get the most out of the experience. Good communication between you and the organisers can help you achieve the full potential from your participation. The organisers can give you a preview of the view, insight to the target customers, the aim of the pop-up event and the plan for the event. If your views and the organiser’s views are in-sync, the event will benefit you both.



Does the event, if it is reoccurring, have a good reputation? Is it an image your brand would like to be associated with? What are the goals driving the event? If you are trying to gain visibility across an array of individual’s, this is a pop-up event that can cater to those needs. In addition, due to its success, you are guaranteed visibility and foot traffic.



Who do you aim to attract at the pop-up event? Is this similar to the crowd the event actually attracts? How can you ensure your target customer will attend? Engage your target customers through their interests and hobbies. Do they like fashion? Plan the pop-up event with clothing brands and individuals involved in the industry. By appealing to customers’ interests, you can be ensured that your brand will be one of the main attractions. Events structured around a general theme such as fashion, food or music are more likely to succeed, as they cast a wide net for potential customers. In the case of Thrift Social 7, the event was over-stimulating with too many focal points which left the retail stalls at a loss.

Additionally, the products on display need to appeal to the target customer. Are the items on display reasonably priced for the audience? If there is a theme for the event, do your products compliment the theme? Would the audience attending wear your products? Is there a possibility to develop a customer relationship at the event?

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