Kung’ara stocks and creates stylish garments that blend modern and local trends. The boutique's mission is to assist in solving the issue of a lack of business strategy and support for upcoming local designers in the East African region.

We aim to help fashion brands and young designers achieve their business potential in an efficient, purposeful and strategic way. Our professional and creative background and experience enables us to occupy the space between communication, commerce and creativity.

Kung'ara assists those it stocks in connecting with their audience, raising brand awareness and ultimately driving consumer engagement and sales.

 Kung'ara's core business is mainly built around upcoming East African designers, and we hope to create a platform for these designers to grow their brands and express themselves without losing their identity.

An extremely eager attitude is what we approach the running of this platform, that will be an outlet for their exquisite designs. Those we choose to work with are budding designers who maintain a touch of their own personal interpretation of fashion, with a real passion for what they do.

We also stock imported merchandise including shoes, bags, sunglasses, earrings, headgear, belts and hair accessories, as we gradually evolve into a fully locally stocked boutique. 

The Kung’ara customer is feminine and fun. We aim to customise our clients' sense of style, providing advice and sourcing appropriate outfits to match what’s already in their wardrobe.

Presently, our focus is on ladies’ clothing but plans are underway to stock quality men’s and children’s clothes and accessories. We envision Kung’ara Kenya as a one-stop shop for all fashion needs and we are working hard to ensure this is realised.

Call 0711 120 160 for inquiries, or visit the Kung'ara boutique at the Karen Plains Arcade, Ground floor in Nairobi.